Principles of Christian Spiritualism.

We Believe
In the Fatherhood of God
The Brotherhood of all Life

We Teach
That each individual is personally responsible for all actions and deeds, be they good or bad.
That any wrong doing can only be corrected by the individual concerned.

We Accept
The Teachings and Example which was demonstrated by Jesus the Christ. That we will, at all times, try to live by that example.

We Know
That Communion with the Spirit World is possible. That Spirit Teachers and Healers return to the Earth conditions to provide help for those who stand in need.

Divine Services

Are now back up and running on Sundays only, 6.30-8pm.                                                          (Healing – please see the spiritual healing page)
No booking is required to attend a service.
Masks are required to be worn, unless exempt.
No one-way system is now in place.
Singing is still allowed part of our Divine Service.
We do ask that you please do be minfdul of anyone that still wishes to wear a mask or keep a distance for their own personal reasons, thank you.

Kindly refer to FORTHCOMING EVENTS for additional information on EASTER / HARVEST / REMEMBRANCE / CHRISTMAS SERVICES & OTHER EVENTS plus Christmas & New Year Closure

The Open Development Circle

Is back up and running.  Circle times are from 7.30pm until approximately 9.15pm.

Should anyone wish to join us, then they should contact Michael Keayes directly on 07939 697 322 by the Tuesday evening before their proposed visit. This being so Names and numbers can be held within current Covid rules.

If anybody has any queries or concerns, then they can contact Michael Keayes directly.